What is Fudoshin Bujutsu?

Martial Arts can help you with: Self Confidence, Self Control, General Fitness, Flexibility, Strength, Coordination, Self Defence, Focus at School or Work and so much more.

Martial Arts study is a journey in self development. It is about you challenging your boundaries and striving to continually improve yourself. .

Your Mind, Your Body and Your Spirit.
Fudoshin is based on the belief in the unity of the mind, body and spirit. When one reaches this state of unity they are said to have reached Fudoshin. In our dojo we aim to nurture and improve all three aspects in our training. This is not easy to do, therefore our training challenges the mind, body and spirit.

Fudoshin Bujutsu (Calm Mind, Warrior Science) is a 'system' of Martial Arts training rather than a style.

Fudoshin Budo Ryu is the name of your local club meaning Calm Mind, Warrior Way, School.

We train in the traditional concepts of Martial Arts and blend disciplines such as Karate, Aikido, Kung Fu, Judo, Jujutsu, and Weaponry. We have done so in Australia for over 40 years.

We are a practical-based Martial Art rather than a sport-based one with our goals being to enhance our martial skills through training thus developing greater confidence, agility, fitness, self-defence, honour, flexibility and knowledge..

Karate Classes

Karate is the art of striking and at Fudoshin Budo Ryu we teach a wide variety of striking, blocking and evasion techniques just to name a few. These are then used in sparring, traditional drills and real life, self defence applications. We also draw from sports science and boxing to become the best strikers we can be.

Judo Classes

Judo is the art of throwing and in its purest form involves no striking. However, it does have a long history of locking and ground techniques. As such it is an integral part of any JuJutsu art. Learning the correct way to both throw and fall enables the student to become a more fully rounded martial artist.

Bujustu Classes

Bujutsu or Warrior Science is the art of combat and Fudoshin Bujutsu is the pinacle art taught at Fudoshin Budo Ryu. With techniques including strikes, locks and throws, it is the synthesis of martial arts skills. The inclusion of weaponry creates a complete martial arts experience.

Grappling (ground work)

Kateme Waza or ground techniques (commonly called jujitsu by the media) is a collection of locks and chokes designed for defence on the ground. Being able to defend oneself on the ground is considered vital in modern martial arts and has its roots deeply founded in traditional Jujutsu.

Weaponry Classes

The use of weaponry is an integral part of our martial arts system.

Students learn to use and defend against weapons from an early stage and it is an ongoing part of their training. There are a variety of weapons to choose from.

At Fudoshin Budo Ryu we have licensed instructors.

This enables us to legally teach prohibited weapons.

The weapons taught at our dojo are Jo (short staff) Bo (long staff) Tonfa (side handled baton) Tanto (knife) and on reaching Black Belt you are invited to train in Katana (Japanese sword) under Soke Tony Ball.
Improvised weapons are also taught. (keys, book, belt etc)

We do not teach weapons as an add on. They are fully integrated into our teaching syllabus.

What can you expect?l

We offer the following in a Traditional Martial Arts Environment:

* A fully integrated mixed martial arts system with 40 years of development.
* Classes in Traditional Jujutsu.
* Fully Accredited Instructors.
* Traditional Martial Arts incorporating the latest scientific training methods.
* Fully licensed weapons instructors.
* Access to prohibited weapons training & prohibited weapons sporting permits.
* Summer beach training and training camps.
* Highly equipped training facilities.
* Exclusive student access to online training materials.
* Individualized training programs.
* Private tuition and gradings by Australian founder Soke Tony Ball 8th Dan.
* Gradings recognized by the AJJA, WJJF, AOFA, BFA, DNBK..

What will you learn?

You will develop skills in the following areas and more:
* Striking - punches, kicks, combination strikes etc.
* Blocking - including evasion, body positioning and footwork.
* Throwing - including throws from Judo and Jujutsu.
* Locking - arm locks, leg locks, chokes, immobilization techniques.
* Nerve and Pressure Points - submissions, control and attack zones.
* Sparring - Karate, Judo and Grappling (ground fighting to submission)
*Weaponry - use of and defence using wooden and bladed weapons.
* Treble Contesting - testing your skills under pressure.
* Breakfalling - learning to fall to minimise injury.
* Weapon Sparring - the option to put on armour to spar with padded weapons.
* Jujutsu Techniques - combining various aspects above into a single technique.
Fudoshin Budo Ryu operates two training venues one in Taree and another in Tuncurry NSW.

We gather only highly qualified instructors

Please Note: This is Sensei Dunning's passion. He does not derive an income from the club.

Achieved the level of Black Belt, Yudansha, June 2007. Achieved 1st Dan Black Belt, April 2013. Employed by the Department of Education since 1988. Holds a Diploma of Teaching & a Bachelor of Education. Began instruction in Fudoshin Bujutsu in Sydney in February 1995. AOFA Accredited instructor since 2000 All examinations by 8th Dan Soke Tony Ball. Presented self defence lessons - 28 AAC Manning Valley, Army Cadets. 2009, 2010. Trained with local Judo club and Aikido club during 1998 & 1999. Opened Hombu (home dojo) Taree training venue in 2005. In 2001 Completed N.C.A.S. Coaching Principles – Level One. In 2002 was accepted as a personal student of Soke Tony Ball. Was awarded the 2003 Fudoshin Bujutsu National Instructor of the Year. Holds grading certificates for four weapons: Jo, Bo, Tonfa & Tanto. (currently undergoing instruction in Katana.) Holds a current, nationally recognized, first aid qualification. Completed N.C.A.S. - Level One - Martial Arts. August 2004. Holds a NSW Weapons Instructor's Licence. Is a Member of the Australian Ju-Jitsu Association. Is a Member of the World Ju-Jitsu Federation. Instructed in the USA 2005. Instructed in the UK 2006. AOFA Treasurer & Secretary 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. Treasurer from 2010 Founding Member World Fudoshin Association - 2006 Accredited by the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA), 2010.

Class Timetable

Tuncurry NSW
Classes are held in the Tuncurry Primary School Hall, Tuncurry Street Tuncurry, best access from Capel Street.

Tuesdays and Thursdays
Combined Class 7 years plus:
6:00-7:00 pm

Seniors Only 13 years onwards:

Taree NSW
Fully equipped dojo in Denva Road.

Monday Nights,
Combined Class 7 years plus:
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
Seniors Only 13 years onwards

First Two Lessons are FREE!

We offer the Most Comprehensive Martial Arts Experience in the Manning/Great Lakes!




Our grades are recognised by Australia's largest Martial Arts Associations

Community Support

Free Demonstrations for community events.

Regular Fundraising for local charities e.g. Women's Shelter.
Army Cadet - Self Defence Training - Manning Valley 28 AAC.
Specialised Women's Defence Classes.
Parent and Carers Defence Nights.
NSW Justice of the Peace, Certificate Verification, Free service as per NSW JP Guidelines.
Martial Arts Equipment recommendations and sourcing of suppliers
Advice on Martial Arts Instruction within the Manning - Great Lakes area.

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Postal: 22 Denva Road, Taree, NSW 2430.

 +0418 246 820

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