What is Fudoshin Bujutsu?

Mind - Body - Spirit

Fudoshin is based on, the belief in, the unity of the mind, body and spirit. 
When one reaches this state of unity they're said to have reached Fudoshin. 
In our dojos we aim to nurture and improve all three aspects in our training.

This is NOT easy to do, therefore our training challenges the mind, body and spirit.

There are many great benefits to the study of martial arts.Follow this link to find out more.

"Fudoshin is a 'system' of Martial Arts training rather than a style. Fudoshin Budo Ryu is the name the NSW dojo operate under. We train in the traditional concepts of Martial Arts and blend disciplines such as Aikido, Kung Fu, Judo, Jujutsu, Weaponry and Karate into our syllabus.

We are a practical-based Martial Art rather than a sport-based one with our goals being to enhance our Martial skills through training thus developing greater confidence, agility, fitness, self-defence, honour, flexibility and knowledge.

Fudoshin is great for people of all ages and abilities. This is because we teach authentic Martial Arts concepts, Fudoshin classes are highly adaptable and anyone can learn." And everyone will be challenged to constantly push back their boundaries.

Some people would look at Fudoshin as a freestyle martial art, this is far from true. Fudoshin embraces traditional values and practices. Some would describe it as a mixed martial art, however, the MMA tag implies things like cage fighting or UFC and this is not what Fudoshin Bujutsu is about. 

Fudoshin Bujutsu is just that a BUJUTSU art. Loosely translated this means the science of combat. 

That is 'The Arts of the Samurai'.

The philosophy of Fudoshin is based on the concept of being a martial artist.
Not a Karate person or a Judo person but simply a martial artist. The origin of the technique is not as important. What is important is how effective that technique is. If it saves your life on the battle field (where ever that is found) who cares where it comes from? These battlefield techniques and these traditional arts make up the 'Arts of the Samurai'. High ranked Fudoshin students strive to be akin to modern day Samurai. 

Fudoshin Bujutsu philosophy is based on the 'warrior code' of Bushido. 'The Way of the Warrior.' Fudoshin students should try to live honourably at all times.

Fudoshin Bujutsu is the home of the Treble Contest. Want to know more?

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